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This is the website for  BOBBIE’S BLOG.

I  attend and take photos of Peace, and Human, and

Environmental Rights events in California, Hawaii,

and Washington D.C.  My Blog is about these events.  More photos

about each event are in the Photo Gallery.

I am in the peace groups, CODE PINK in San Francisco and

MALU  A’INA in Hawaii.

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The photos above are of places in California:

The Golden Gate Bridge from Crissey Field (top)  

Monteray Bay at Asilomar (middle)

Viet Nam Memorial Garden in Sacramento (bottom)

Me, with Code Pink in Salinas, singing to save their library. (top right) 

I was inspired to begin Bobbie’s Blog in September, 2007, when I spent ten days at the Code Pink House in Washington D.C.    I appreciate hearing from you.

Peace, and Aloha,

Bobbie  Raymond